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We provide all underlying day-to-day accounting and financial services to provide executive leaders the Financial Situational Awareness they need to confidently make decisions and manage their organizations.

“Fractional” is a finance industry term for “part-time”, or the use of a fraction of a resource’s time.  A Chief Financial Officer is a role that is responsible for the production of accurate and timely financial reports, monitoring and maintaining the financial health of the organization,  educating executives on financial matters, and being a strategic executive partner in planning, decision-making, and accountability.  It’s their job to tell executives what they need to hear, celebrate wins, and advise on necessary course corrections.  We seek to make our clients increasingly independent in understanding financial reporting and making decisions so we can engage more and more strategically in driving profit, profitability, and mission impact.

This service includes:

  1. Regular accounting quality assurance reviews by our Controller
  2. Regular CFO financial review and update of the customer-accessible Financial Dashboard
  3. Regular CFO Meetings with Client
    1. Discuss any concerns or questions
    2. Review the Financial Dashboard and Financial Executive Summary
    3. Review progress toward goals
    4. Assign action items for the next period
  4. Regular Check-in calls between CFO Meetings
  5. Annual planning and budgeting meeting
  6. Risk management oversight (i.e. internal controls, compliance, etc.)
  7. Liaison with other professional services
  8. Service packages are quarterly or monthly
  9. *Currently, we only work with customers using QuickBooks Online, Freshbooks, Xero, or Sage

Accounting is the action or profession of recording and reporting the financial activities of a business or organization.  Bookkeeping is the task of recording these activities and is the foundation of Financial Intelligence.  Our Controller oversees all accounting operations to ensure accurate and timely financial reporting and is integral to internal controls.  We focus on everyday accounting for your organization.  Because we want our accounting resources to be available to you all year long, we intentionally do not provide tax preparation services but rather work as a strategic tactical partner with your tax accountant in implementing their recommendations year round and facilitating a smooth tax season.  We recommend a team meeting quarterly with your tax preparation CPA to do tax planning.

Service Includes:

  1. Bookkeeping: We have experience bookkeeping for Small Businesses, Investment Real Estate, and Private Equity Funds.
  2. Electronic Transaction Documentation: We use commercial software to collect documentation electronically via your mobile phone, email, or web browser so we don’t have to bother you for information to record transactions.
  3. Proactive audit defense: We work closely with your CPA to ensure we are recording transactions per their direction and all documentation is attached to each transaction in the accounting software.
  4. Accounts Payable facilitation: We process bills and prepare them for approval and payment.
  5. Accounting system setup and maintenance: We have proven and affordable tech stack of commercial software we integrate and automate to the extent possible, to reduce friction in your business.
  6. Accounting clean up: We can clean up current fiscal year accounting to make your financial reporting accurate.
  7. *Currently, we only provide this service using QuickBooks Online

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