Real Estate

You have three customers...

Tenants, Lenders, and Investors.  If any of the three are unhappy for long, you will out go out of business.  Lenders and Investors require fund level reporting and metrics tailored to their interests and financial literacy. Happy tenants require an engaged and accountable property manager.

Property managers are typically not willing or able to provide custom reporting and analysis at the fund level.  Often, due to the number of properties under management and associated transaction volume, they have to systemize their accounting processes at the property level to handle many clients uniformly, so they can train around a uniform process and minimize accounting overhead costs.  They also may not be permitted to have access to the fund’s capital bank account due to internal controls, and even if they did, they may lack the expertise or time to really record all of the capital bank account transactions correctly to provide accurate fund level accounting with transparency of compliance to the fund’s operating agreement.




One of our specialties is real estate investing accounting and finance at the fund level.  In January of 2018, we partnered to syndicate our first multifamily asset, a 198-unit apartment complex in Fayetteville, NC.  That grew to 6 syndications and well over 1000 units with 50+ MM in committed capital by 2022.
Therefore, we have years of experience operating syndicated real estate assets through the whole lifecycle of the investment, from underwriting, financial pro forma modeling, acquisition, asset management, refinance, construction management, to disposition. Over time we’ve niched down to focusing on only the accounting and finance aspects of the business.
The services we provide today are applicable to syndicators of large commercial real estate, owner-operators of investment real estate, property management companies, passive individual investors, private equity funds, or lenders.
Services we provide:

Custom Accounting Service

  • Bookkeeping at the fund level, i.e. consolidating property level accounting into the fund level accounting
  • Accounts payable facilitation
  • Financial accounting reporting
  • 1099 issuances
  • Tax preparation support for your CPA
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Custom Financial Service

  • Recurring pro forma financial reporting and analysis
  • Actual to budget reporting
  • High level capital expenditure project cost and schedule performance reporting
  • Accounting consolidation for property or portfolio level financial pro forma reporting
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Fractional Chief Financial Officer Service

  • Debt and Equity structuring
  • Owner distribution calculations and recommendations
  • Accounting and Finance oversight
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Consulting Service

  • Custom project pro forma financial modeling and analysis
    • For acquisition, refinance or supplemental loas, or disposition
    • Our custom models are bested suited for projects of larger scale, complexity, and nuance where commercially available financial model templates can’t be manipulated to suit.
    • For projects with complex and dynamic debt and equity financing history and strategies
    • For multiphase capital expenditure programs
    • For any business model
      • Residential leasing
      • Commercial NNN leasing
      • Build to rent and/or sell
      • Hospitality
      • Assisted Living
    • For Lender facing pro forma financials
      • Loan applications
      • Loan covenant compliance
    • Investor facing pro forma financials
      • Periodic Investor financial summaries
    • Sponsor and Asset Manager facing financial reporting and analysis
      • Property to fund level accounting consolidations for portfolio fund level reporting
  • Accounting and Finance strategies
  • Business plan strategies
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