Financial Situational Awareness TRANSFORMS decision-making, and therefore, the future.

We replace FINANCIAL UNCERTAINTY with FINANCIAL SITUATIONAL AWARENESS with our strategic, part-time Chief Financial Officer (CFO) services so executive leaders can confidently make decisions and plan for a future that increases the profit, profitability, and mission impact of their organizations.

What is Financial Situational Awareness?

Financial Situational Awareness = Financial Intelligence + Financial Literacy

Financial Intelligence is concise, high-value financial data that drives decision-making.

Financial Literacy is the ability of an individual to understand financial concepts, content, and format.

Financial Situational Awareness answers the financial questions:

Where have we been?

Where are we at?

Where do we want to go?

Where are we actually heading?

Our Fractional CFO service provides a concise custom financial dashboard for your organization, education that increases Financial Literacy, and financial perspectives that enrich Financial Intelligence. 

We also provide custom day-to-day accounting services that facilitate accurate and timely Financial Intelligence.

We intentionally do not provide tax preparation services, so our accounting resources can be focused on day-to-day accounting year-round.  We enhance tax accounting firms’ value by being a tactical partner in working with our clients year-round to implement their tax strategies and recommendations and facilitate tax preparation.

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The Transformation Plan


Our Transformation Plan has three phases:

Alignment: Schedule a FREE Alignment Meeting which is a free consultt to deliver value to you and detertermine if there is alignment between our services and your business or organization’s needs.

Discovery: This is the beginning of our engagement where we request information and access so we can discover any opportunities for immediate improvements, define project scopes of work, and develop a Transformation Strategy.

Transformation: This is where we execute the Transformation Strategy working with your existing operations and staff to transform your business and increase your mission impact.


Part-time executive financial leadership, insight, and accountability to drive your Mission forward

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A remote accounting function customized for your organization

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No long-term contracts

We want customers who want to do business with us because we earn it every month, and not because they are locked into a long contract with cancellation fees.  Our contract is month to month and you can cancel anytime, without cancellation fees, if you are not satisfied with the value we deliver.


Some of our Clients

We serve small businesses, small private equity firms, and nonprofits with shared Values.

What is financial uncertainty costing your business or nonprofit?

Are you ready to take the next step away from FINANCIAL UNCERTAINTY and toward FINANCIAL SITUATIONAL AWARENESS?

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